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Plesk ETA and account status


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I sent an email to support@heliohost.org a little over two days ago (8 May 22) but I haven't received any response nor do I see anything posted in the email support forum for it.

On 20 Dec 21 I donated to move up in the Plesk queue and I've kept my eye on my place in the queue. In the last week, as things picked up, I saw that my turn was swiftly approaching, but now I don't get any status for my email address - ray@greeble.com - when I view the ETA queue and I didn't get any email about my account being migrated.

Can someone please tell me the status of my account and, if it's been migrated, how I can log in and manage it?



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Sorry about the email not getting posted. We use google for our mail provider, and they flagged your email as spam. I try to go through the spam emails every week or so and look for legit emails, but I don't check every single day.

The reason there is no position number for you is because you were on Johnny. I don't know if you read any of the recent news

Your account and a lot of other accounts were hacked and phishing sites were uploaded to them. Our standard policy for dealing with hacked accounts is we permanently suspend the affected account with no backup, and give a new empty account to the user. The reason we don't provide a full backup is because a lot of the time with phishing sites the passwords and credit card numbers and whatnot that are stolen are saved to files on the account, so obviously we can't send you stolen credit card numbers or whatever junk is on the account now. If there are a few files you don't have backed up we can inspect the files manually for tampering and back them up for you, but we're not going to manually read through 10,000 files.

Since we aren't currently able to create new accounts you need to wait for new account creation to be implemented before we'll be able to get your website back online. We hope to have this done in the next few days. As soon as new account creation is implemented your position number and estimated date will reappear on the ETA page. When it's your turn to recreate your account you will receive an invitation email with a link that will allow you to create a new account on Plesk.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the donation. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the thorough response! I very much appreciate how much you have going on and the policies you have in place. I did see the posts about Johnny, but I had forgotten what server I was on. Oops. 🙃

I didn't have anything worth attempting to save on my site, so not having a backup available isn't a problem for me. I am excited to get a site that I can start some development with, but I've waited this long, so a few more days isn't a big deal. Will you post an announcement when you have new account creation working?


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1 hour ago, rayd said:

Will you post an announcement when you have new account creation working?

Yeah, we'll make a news post. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, RSS news feed, our homepage news feed, or just check the forum news section occasionally.

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