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[Solved] Account suspended: hippo

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My account got suspended about 45 minutes ago. I'm not sure why, because I had reasonable free space and there wasn't inordinate load. Could you give me some more info on what happened?


By the way, I also have a VPS, so I'm not sure if there's a connection there. If it's a load problem I could move stuff over to the VPS I guess (I haven't had time to move things over yet, so doing it slowly).



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We sent out a bunch of emails today relating to a webinar we're currently running (to people who'd already registered). I'm not sure if that's the reason?

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Okay, that makes sense! I had actually forgotten about the email limit.


My account still seems to be blocked, so could you unblock it, please? I'll move my email setup over as soon as that's done. (I've been procrastinating on that for a while, so I guess this is a wake-up call :huh:)

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