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[Answered] Host an ASP.NET Core web app


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Hello everyone,


First of all, thanks for this amazing service that you provide for free. I truly appreciate it.


I wonder if it would be possible to deploy and run an ASP.NET Core web app on HelioHost.


I've read that, for this, HelioHost provides the server "Lily", which is for Microsoft-related technologies such as this which I've already mentioned. The thing is that I'd also need some database because my app will need one. Preferably, I'd need PostgreSQL but if this isn't possible, SQL Server is my second option.


I've already asked if I could have access to Johnny (to have a running PostgreSQL database there) and Lily (for my web app) but I've been told this isn't actually possible due to HelioHost's policy.


Apart from this, I'd like to keep this web app accessible from a custom domain, let's say: www.my-incredible-app.com. Would this be possible with HelioHost (and Lily)?


Thank you guys in advance!


Edit - PD: my project will consist of Python scripts logging information to this database the web app will use, so remote access from for example my home IP (and not only from a web app hosted in HelioHost) will be needed. Still possible? :-)

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Wolstech will set that up for you.


And you can have two accounts provided one is on Lily and one is on one of the other there servers. Keeping a double account on Johnny, Ricky or Tommy is of course not allowed, but possessing an account on Lily and another Linux server is absolutely not a problem. :)

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First off, whoever said you can't have a Johnny and Lily account is incorrect. As sohamb03 said, you can have Lily alongside Johnny. In fact, an account on Johnny or one of our other cpanel servers is actually required in order to have a Lily account. You can't have two cpanel accounts though.


You can use Postgres on Johnny to store the data, but you'll need to request remote Postgres access for that if you need Lily or outside IPs to access the database. Make a post specifying the database name, database user, and IPs that need access (one of which will need to be for Lily) and Krydos will need to set it up.


I just added .net core support this morning for paladino, who also needed that specific runtime, so that should be supported.


I'll send you a pm with account information once I get the account set up.

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