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Receiving emails at HelioHost when the domain is managed elsewhere


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I'm currently hosting my site, www.snipettemag.com on Netlify, with ClouDNS as the nameserver.


Now, I'd like to create a mailing list and perhaps email IDs like user@snipettemag.com. Is there a way to keep the DNS management at ClouDNS and have only the email management in HelioHost (by creating the appropriate MX records)? The current cPanel interface expects the nameserver itself to be HelioHost before it lets me add the domain.

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You can change the NS, add the domain, then change it back and manually create the MX records to us on whatever DNS service you use. Note that DKIM and SPF records need to be manually created as well. Keep in mind though that this configuration is unsupported, and we do not provide customer support for users running such a configuration.


The suggested configuration would be to abandon Cloudns. You can use our name servers, then edit the A records to point to Netlify for your external content hosting while pointing the MX records to our server. This is a supported configuration, and allows cPanel to properly manage the related TXT records needed for SPF and DKIM to function. So long as you log in once a month, there's nothing keeping you from using the account in this manner. We have several users who use their account in a mail-only configuration like this.


Finally, I would not recommend sending mailing lists from here because you can get suspended if someone (or something...) on the list reports the email as spam. Also, sending limits on emails are 50 recipients per day (no matter how its sent or broken up) unless you request a higher limit.

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Oh...that makes sense! Will it be possible to redirect the top-level domain (naked/www) though? Maybe I'll try see. I use HelioHost for other things so the once-a-month login is not a problem.


I didn't realise there's a limit on emails. My mailing list is going to start with just 4-5 people, so I guess I can host it here for now and move it (via MX records) when it grows too big.


Also, in the event that the server crashes, will my domains on the nameserver still function? (I know that's unlikely since Tommy's just been refreshed with new-and-improved hardware, but if it's a possibility then I'll retain my ClouDNS account as a backup).



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The DNS zones don't go away if Tommy crashes. However, you won't be able to edit them or reuse the domains in a new account unless we delete the records manually for you.


Yes you can redirect a normal domain. Just add it to your account, then go to Zone Editor and change the A record. Subdomains are usually CNAME'd to the parent domain, so redirecting the parent will redirect the subs as well.

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