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[Solved] Question for PHP configuration


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I am on Tommy.


with PHP 7.2  I get:


ERROR: PHP support for iconv is required to handle multiple charsets.


with PHP 7.3 it shows:


could not find driver
Unable to connect to database using specified parameters (driver: pgsql).



So I need both Iconv and pgsql activated/ installed.


Please can you make e.g pgsql for PHP 7.3 running ?


Many Thanks !



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The extension pgsql has been installed on Tommy's php 7.3.


I may be confused. Are you using both php 7.2 and 7.3, or were you just saying you tried both and both were missing something that you needed? Which php would you prefer to use?

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PHP 7.3. is fine, it works now.


Sorry for making it complicated.

I dont need both Versions.

I looked for a PHP Version which had both iconv and pgsql

I tried two Versions:

  •  7.2. lacks iconv but has pgsql already.
  •  7.3  missed (untill now) pgsql and has the iconv already installed.

So 7.3. now has both Extensions which i needed.


Thank You !

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