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[Solved] Queued: Maisun


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a. HelioHost username = maisun
b. server = Johnny
c. HelioHost main domain= maisun.heliohost.org


wordpress directory [working site] maisun.heliohost.com/dir


I wanted to connect my www.maisunmonowar.com to the wordpress directory. I entered name server setting in my domain provider site [namecheap]. It's been a week. but I still get "Account Queued" message.


I cleared my browser cache. Use VPN. Called up a friend to check for me.


Additionally, I believe I set "Addon Domain" settings. I think they are fine. But If I want to add it again now, it gives me a Apache error.


Please guide me to solve this problem. I can start over the whole thing if necessary. My site is still placeholder.

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I don't see that domain in our system.


Did you add the domain to cPanel as an Alias or Addon Domain? You need to do that to associate it with your account, then wait the 24 hours before it will work. If it gives an error about a process timing out, please let me know (Johnny is prone to it).

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