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Stevie: Imap Inbox Does Not Sync, But Subfolders Do


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Thunderbird seemed to be unable to sync with IMAP/SMTP settings, so I tried to switch over to Outlook 2013.


Using the settings:



[name here]@twinklecode.org


IMAP server:

stevie.heliohost.org (Port 993)


SMTP server:

stevie.heliohost.org (Port 465)


Both were set to SSL.


Server is Stevie.


Outlook 2013 will test the login and send a test email; both tests pass. It then synchronizes all the subfolders (Junk, Drafts, Sent, etc.) of the inbox but not the main inbox itself.


Is there some setting I need to change somewhere? It's kind of bad when you can see all your emails except the ones in the inbox.



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There's been some discussion behind the scenes about it. I'd like to see it too.


For now, if you're dying to use a secured connection, you need to use old software. Really old versions of Thunderbird do work properly here (v31.7 and older). Outlook 2010 also works.

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