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Found 20 results

  1. Please send the password reset link for vineetpandey2504@gmail.com
  2. Like others I have been moved to Plex and need my password reset please. Thank you.
  3. I can't log into my CPanel account url bosomefrehoeducation.org
  4. I'm not able to change my password. I get password reset email. When I type new password in the provided field, click submit it shows working on it and then goes to https://www.heliohost.org/reset/done/ which is a blank page. email: darvesh696@yahoo.com
  5. I decided I wanted to try out HelioHost and it said my username was taken. I realized I must have signed up before. I tried logging in and it said password incorrect every time. I decide to reset my password. I got an email and clicked the link. It did not work. Then I tried the non-SSL link and just the code. I have done this around 10 times, some yesterday and some today. When I type in the code or use the link it just asks me to type in the code again, and again, and again. It still will not work. Any suggestions.
  6. I am unable to login to the cpanel on the stevie server with my username "aneeshdh" and my password. I am also unable to reset my password. Please can you change it and send my a email to the address I registered with ? Thanks, Aneesh
  7. Hello! I forgot my cPanel password. I've tried to reset it, but when I enter the Confirmation code nothing happens. I've tried clearing my browser's history and I've tried different browser too, but with the same results. Could anyone here help me with that. Pretty please! my username is janisek
  8. Hello! I forgot my helihost.org password, and I'm unable to reset it. When I click on reset password, I receive a confirmation code. On entering this code, the confirmation cPanel page just refreshes, and nothing happens. I've tried both manually entering, and clicking on the link sent to my email. Same thing happens in both cases. Account details: username: raptor93 server: stevie
  9. username: skalex email: supereman16@gmail.com domain: skalex.me Every time that I've tried to reset my password, I get the email, put in the code, it spits out a new password, but as soon as I go to put that in and hit enter, it comes out saying that my login failed. I don't know what's happening. Please help.
  10. Dear sir, I can not login to my accout. I have reset my password, With new password i could not login. username: ijrit domain: ijrit.org please guide me. Regards Shaik Yacoob Phone: 8985578421
  11. Hello! My account was suspended because of my inactiviti. i tried to login via my mobile but ended up with a locked account. so i have reset my password but now i cannot login to reacticvate my account. can you please help me get my website back up? Username: shimone Domain: shimon.elbaz.me Thanks!
  12. Hello admins Im facing problems accessing my cpanel... plz reset my password. Username: diit Server: Steive Domain: dracot.com P.S: ive tried resetting password from cpanel, but i wont recieve email to reset it! Thanks
  13. Hi. I've experienced invalid login so I requested a password reset thinking I must've made a mistake creating my password. My username is "ausoir" and the temporary password was given when I entered the confirmation code that was sent to my email. However, the website still says that the login is invalid, even with the fresh temporary password.
  14. Hello.. i have a account on stevie which was suspended due to inactivity... and i renewed it by the script.. but after that am not able to login into my account.. the password was not working so i tried to reset it.. but am not getting any confirmation email to reset my password.. plz help me with this.. my username: tarungyp server: stevie domain: getyourproject.com
  15. Hello, cannot log in anymore with my old password. Tried using password reset but seems not to work as with the entered code sent via email nothing happens. Tried it already several times. Thanks
  16. hey friends, i forgot my password and i also dont know which email account is attached with my ac.. can anyone help me how to reset password.. plzz help me asap...
  17. gibralte sireps.heliohost.org johnny My account went inactive. I followed the activation email instructions. I went to log in and it wouldn't let me. I tried to reactive it again and it says "We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as inactive. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error." I tried to reset my password but every time I paste in the code in the same browser it just refreshes that page to let me put the confirmation in again. Please help. Thank you for your time.
  18. I recently signed up for hosting, and I have been experiencing intermittent CPanel login issues; examples - The password is correct, but I get "wrong username/password combination", so I try again and I get the same message. I then click password reset for a Confirmation code. I follow the instructions in the e-mail, enter the Confirmation code and I'm told it's wrong. I request another password reset, but still get the same results, or a "brute force attempt" warning. What am I doing wrong?
  19. username: phantom domain: phantomtest@co.cc server: johnny Hi, When I attempted to access my site this morning I was presented with a page stating that my account had been suspended as I had failed to log into Cpanel in the last 30 days. So, I then proceeded to follow instructions to renew my account. However, when I attempted to log into Cpanel I got an error message stating invalid details. I then decided to do a password reset, and when I checked my external email account there was an email from heliohost with password reset instructions. However, when I attempted to complete the password reset by copying the confirmation code received in the email, or following one of the links, nothing seemed to happen. I then attempted to carry out another password reset and the scenario was repeated. But now if I attempt to carry out a password reset, I do not even receive an email with any instructions. Please could someone help me regain access to my account again? Thanks in advance. phantom
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