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Found 4 results

  1. I can't access the files directory, that is, the cpanel. This message shows in Google Chrome: And when I try access via FTP, this message shows in Dreamweaver: I wonder if this is the definite end of Ricky server....
  2. Howdy! I tried to install Wordpress in my subdomain using softaculous yet I got this message. The following errors were found : The MySQL Connection could not be established. The MySQL Connection could not be established. I don't actually set major configuration in the Wordpress. Now, I wanted to know why I am getting the issues and what are the solutions of this problem? Further, I wanted to install Wordpress here: http://mabzicle.heliohost.org/ For utmost consideration and appropriate action. Thank you, Richard
  3. Hello HelioHost team, I am a webmaster for ULENOP Ministries. I been having issues with registering for the Stevie SSL plan. Everytime i register it shows that I'm successful and I even recieve an email stating that the account has been created. But then after i receive another email stating that their was a error during installation. Is it possible that anyone can help me with my issue. I've even payed the $12 fee already but i can't even successfully register for an account. Thanks in advance, Stanley artmanstan@gmail.com
  4. I have been a user of Heliohost for a over two years now, and I am wondering what is going to happen to heliohost now that its servers are overload or are starting to overload,and that the admin of the site hasn't been working on the site for about a good 2 months now. Is there some money issues or something? Is heliohost going to continue? What's wrong?
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