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  1. Hi, I'm trying to deploy a NodeJS app with mysql database. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong because I can't access the logs. I get the 504 Gateway Time out error and it says nginx below. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, María
  2. Hi! My username is adrielid The .war file name is Argh.war The file it´s already uploaded to /home/adrielid/Argh.war
  3. After depoying my .war appwebagenda i always 404 - Not found error. It seems to be unable to reach Login.jsp. I use a java filter file to redirect you to login if you arent logged for security.The url i use to test it is "http://abarqueror.heliohost.org/appwebagenda/ServletUsuarioLogin".Ive tried too "http://abarqueror.heliohost.org/appwebagenda/ but doesnt work. I think my web.xml is correct.I attach this files if you want to see it. I use Maven to create the war file but i dont know what im doing wrong Thanks in advance FilterSession.java.txt web.xml ServletUsuarioLogin.java.txt
  4. Hi team, without any action my Java WAR application went down about 2 hours ago. I am trying to deploy it again from the Java Tomcat section, but the deploy is failing with errors. Is it possible to know the reason? Everything was working fine until 2 hours ago and I did not change anything within it. User: shuffly Domain: shuffly-backend.heliohost.org Thanks for the support
  5. Hello, I was unable to access my website - "http://speedycart.ml/clgproj/", then I was trying to re-deploy the .war file. But it was not happening, why? Please help and fix this.
  6. Hi team, yesterday I uploaded a new version of the WAR file to update my webapp and then I clicked on the deploy button. Since then, the deploy is still in "pending" status and seems to do not change from it (as now it is more than 24 hours). Can you please help on that? My info are: user: shuffly domain: shuffly-backend.heliohost.org Thanks for the help Best regards
  7. Hello Admin, I want you to delpoy my VASD.WAR file. thanks in advance. Username- demigod3 File is uploaded through File Manger in cPanel.
  8. hii I need help to deploy my war file onto my account Please help me asap. Thank you My Details: Username : rajbits Server : johnny War file Name : ShopperSquare.war Thank you again
  9. Dear sir/Madam, I have uploaded my war file.please deploy it on the server.Java support is activated for my account. My username: nilban12 War filename: Prac.war
  10. Hello: As of the point of posting this, my account is still queued to initialize and setup, but I have a web service I need to have deployed as soon as posible. username: macencio filename: InformatikService.war Thanks in advance. P.S.: Yes, I've enabled java in my account.
  11. my username is gsferoz and i store my war file in side my home/username and my war file name is My_Portfolio.war please deploy it so i can run my website.
  12. Plz Deploy my Servlet id : thakurs File name : MyHelioServlet Thx......
  13. Hi, Deploy my war file My username: maiascti!Deploy my war project, agenda.war
  14. Please, deploy my war file. aloisio (aloisio.farias@gmail.com) BarcodeNetBar.war www.barcodenetbar.com
  15. Hi, Please deploy my war username: stockdi1 file: MyHelioServlet.war Thanks
  16. Hi, Please deploy my war username: stockdi1 file: MyHelioServlet.war Thanks
  17. Hi Admin, Would you kindly deploy my servlet? war file name: WhichSLCelebrityAreYou.war username: dananjay Thank you! ​
  18. User Name: ddushan1 war file: server.war please cancel WebApplication4.war file. :-)
  19. User Name: ddushan1 war file : WebApplication4.war
  20. Please Deploy my war file. username : gagrwl war file name : web.war Thanks
  21. I have uploaded a WAR file - 3.war.It's put in folder /home/vaninfMy user name is vaninf.Please deploy it. Thanks.
  22. Hello there !! I have successfully uploaded the .war file named : myfrndforever.war. my user name is : awasthia please deploy it for me thank you.
  23. username : llou21 complete url : http://llou21.heliohost.org war file :- roadangel.war location of war file : home/username/roadangel.war
  24. Username: gicochia File: Stock.war
  25. Hello! I want to have my .war file deplyed, how can I do it? I've read that I have to upload it to home/username/ and ask here to make it deploy. I've just upload it with the name app.war inside home/username/. Could you please deploy it for me? What happen if I want to update the file? Replacing it with the actual one will be enough for that? My username is tsandler. Thank you very much!
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