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  1. HelioHost's nameservers are: ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org Do not expect your website to be up instantly. -JJE
  2. Yep - go ahead! Click here to go straight to the signup form!
  3. I think 'Probably Not'. Previously HelioNet had TONS and TONS and TONS of forums - and it makes me feel very harassed. Click here to go way back in time to see what HelioNet was like when it had tons of forums (Feb 2006)
  4. Take a look at the Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ) guide pinned at the top of the Questions forum. -JJE
  5. Take a look at the Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ) guide pinned at the top of the Questions forum. -JJE
  6. jje

    Google Ads Error

    For updates on the advertisements, go to this thread. 'Adbrite' our now temporarily powering HelioHost's advertising.
  7. Woah, never noticed that. Weirdly, when cPanel goes slow I switch to an alternate one (heliohost.org:2082 or stevie.heliohost.org:2082) and I notice a brilliant difference in speed. Oh well!
  8. There are two different cPanels, so if one is going slow, you can use the other. stevie.heliohost.org:2082 -- and -- heliohost.org:2082 Remember the :2082 on the end. This week both cPanels encountered a problem which should be fixed now. I have never experienced a problem like this before, so it is extremely rare. I've heard that plans for a new server, Charlie, to be setup. -JJE
  9. jje

    The cPanel Guide

    The Guide Are you getting the most out of your cPanel? Is your website as brilliant as possible? This guide has every inch of cPanel explained. Getting Started Lets start off with a few basics. Go to stevie.heliohost.org:2082 or heliohost.org:2082. You will be immediately asked for your username and password. Use the username and password you used when you signed up. If you can't sign up then your site might not have been activated yet - read my Commonly Asked Questions thread. The main screen When you are logged in, you will be greeted by a message saying if you would like an introduction of cPanel. If you want to jump right in, choose 'No Thanks!'. On the left, you can quickly see the stats of your website, including your disk space, monthly bandwidth transfer and how many databases, emails and more. Click the 'expand stats' button to view all your stats. Feel free to organize your cPanel in any way you like. Drag sections wherever you like. Mail - Email Account Create as many email accounts you like in this interface. Create a new email account using the quick form available. Your email address will be email@domain.heliohost.org replacing email with whatever you want and domain.heliohost.org with your web address. Below the creation form is a list of all the available email accounts. You can see the quota at a glance, and change the quota. From the More section, you can even access that accounts Web Mail... Mail - Web Mail You can view the latest emails online using Web Mail. Simply go to stevie.heliohost.org:2095 or heliohost.org:2095 and login. The username is your email address and the password is the one specified when that account was setup. An email account was made when your HelioHost account was activated which was username@domain.heliohost.org replacing username with the username you chose when you setup your HelioHost account and replacing domain.heliohost.org with your web address. You have the option of Horde, Squirrel Mail, or Roundcube. I recommend Roundcube as it is the most rich and dynamic. Horde is dynamic but doesn't look rich. And Squirrel Mail is for simple email reading and sending plain text email. All email systems are pretty obvious. Mail - Configuring Email Clients Did you know you can read your email using programs such as Microsoft Outlook? You can do it by simply running the downloadable scripts available from cPanel. Or you can do it the manual way... Rest of the guide is coming very soon!
  10. I don't mind at all. Oh, I didn't notice that Support FAQ...
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    Double post
  12. Commonly Asked Questions For new members of HelioHost, I have posted some questions that have been commonly asked on this forum. Before posting, please check out this thread, as your answer might lie in this post. Pre-Signup Questions Q. What does HelioHost offer? A. HelioHost offers free hosting to anybody, and provides you with support for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL and a cPanel. Versions are available at heliohost.org . Q. What is 'cPanel'. A. cPanel is a control panel giving you full control over your site, and allowing you to change it easily. View the demo at http://x3demob.cpx3demo.com:2082/login/?us...mp;pass=x3demob Q. Is there a site builder? Can I add advanced software such as Forums, Blogs, etc? A. Within cPanel's File Manager, you can make a HTML file (for example index.html) and enter the HTML Editor to view a WYSIWYG (What You See What You Get) Editor. Using cPanel's 'Softaculous', you can install advanced software such as Forums and Blogs easily. Q. What email functions are available? A. You can make many email addresses which can be viewed in 3 different online webmail systems and can even be configured in applications such as Microsoft Outlook. The email addresses will be (for example) me@yourdomain.com replacing yourdomain.com with your web address and me with whatever you prefer. You can also setup Forwarders to send messages to your personal email address and Auto Responders to automatically send an email back to senders. Q. How much space and usage do I have? A. You have 250MB of disk space available to you, which might not seem like a lot on a normal computer, but it is more than plenty. If you had a forum, blog and static pages, it would be approximately 100MB of your storage used. You also have an unlimited amount of bandwidth, meaning your site can be accessed as many times as you please. However, please respect other users - HelioHost is not for hosting your backup files etc. Q. Does HelioHost force me to place advertisments on my site? A. No, you are not forced to place ads on your website. Q. Is there a limit on how many cron jobs can be run? A. Yes, you can run no more than 2 cron tasks per day. This is because that they put lots of pressute on the server and can cause downtime. Q. Are there any uptime stats available? A. Yes - click here for basic statistics. Or click here for more detailed statistics (thanks Piotr GRD). During Signup Q. What choice of domains do I have? A. You can have the free .heliohost.org domain, or you can buy a .com, .co.uk, .net, or other domain. HelioHost DOES NOT sell domains. You could also sign up to a FREE .co.cc domain. Q. I'm not getting a free .heliohost.org domain, so how do I set up another? A. In the signup process, simply enter the web address you have purchased/your free .co.cc domain. Then in your domain control panel, enter the following name servers. ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org Q. In my domain control panel I am given 'Zone Names'. What should I enter? A. There is no need to enter any Zone Names. Just leave it blank. Q. What is the advantage of signing up to HelioNet.org? A. If you need support, then you can use that username and password to post your question in our forums. Q. When I go to the Signup page, it says that the maximum signups for today has been reached? A. So the server doesn't get stressed out, there is a limit on how many signups per day. Try again tomorrow, after 00:00. Time is Pacific Daylight Time. To find out when to signup, please go to http://heliohost.uni.cc/sign-up.php (thanks Byron and Geoff). After Signup Q. My account hasn't been activated yet, and it's been ?? hours. A. Try clearing your browser's cache. If that doesn't work then don't worry - the server hasn't activated your account yet, and it usually takes around 48 hours. If you are still waiting after 48 hours, then please just wait. If you are using a .co.cc or other domain, it will probably take longer. Please wait 96 hours before posting on the HelioNet website. Q. Java/JSP/ASP.NET aren't working / I'd like to request for Java/JSP/ASP.NET. A. If you are on Stevie, then you will need to request to be moved to our new server, Johnny. Click here to request a move. Q. How can I access my cPanel? A. Login through the HelioHost homepage, which is at www.heliohost.org . Q. Can I access cPanel when I am behind a firewall (through port 80)? A. Navigate to http://cpanel.yoursite.com (replacing yoursite.com with your domain). However, only use this method if you are behind a firewall, as this method may not record your login attempts, which will lead to a suspension for inactivity. Footer Also before posting, please check the NEWS section. Special thanks to Byron for these useful images of the server usage. The lower the server load, the higher your website. It is usually under 20.00 . Also, go to www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/stevie.heliohost.org to find out if Stevie is down for everyone or just you. If your website is on Johnny, use www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/johnny.heliohost.org to find out if Johnny is down for everyone or just you. This is the end of my CAQ guide. Any suggestions please post in this thread. This thread is NOT for posting questions, please make your own thread. I will update this thread with new questions and answers in any way possible. Below is a list of updates: Version 1.0.0 - August 22nd 2010 - Initial post. (updated 3 times today) Version 1.0.1 - August 27th 2010 - Adding more specific time zone - thanks Byron! Version 1.0.2 - September 5th 2010 - Suggesting to clear cache if account is activated yet. Version 1.0.3 - December 25th 2010 - Amending the bandwidth information - thanks Geoff! Added updates on Charlie. Version - December 29th 2010 - Added estimated time on Charlie. Version 1.0.4 - January 17th 2011 - Amending ASP.NET information, adding new question related to advertisements and cron jobs, added last update date to title, and updated Charlies status. Version 1.0.5 - February 13th 2011 - Adding server load for Charlie, updated Charlie's status, and updated login URLs. Version - February 15th 2011 - Removing Fantastico as it is no longer available (Softaculous is available instead). Version 1.0.7 - February 17th 2011 - Adding link to link which shows when to signup (thanks Byron and Geoff). Version 1.0.8 - February 19th 2011 - Adding site uptime links. Version 1.0.9 - February 25th 2011 - Updated downforeveryoneorjustme link. Version 1.1.0 - March 26th 2011 - Updated Charlie status, updated Server Load, updated cPanel login, updated downforeveryoneorjustme links, amending ASP.NET, Java and JSP question. Version 1.1.1 - April 4th 2011 - Adding new question on how to login to cPanel through Port 80. Updating Charlie Status. Below are updates on the new server, Charlie: Completed December - Delivered to the data center. January - Being configured, signup form being configured. February - HelioHost and HelioNet official websites moved to Charlie. March - Johnny goes online, server move requests are now available. April - Extra security now in place. Thanks for reading, Happy webmasting! -JJE
  13. jje

    Prolonged Downtime

    In comparison to HelioHost's main rivals, X10Hosting, their beating them in figures. Bandwidth on HelioHost is 2,500, while on X10Hosting it's 1000. Email Accounts on HelioHost is Unlimited, while on X10Hosting it's 5. MySQL Databases on HelioHost is Unlimited, while on X10Hosting it's 3. It may be free, but it's amazing for a free web hosting. And, it's the ONLY free web host (that doesn't look like a 1999 website) that supports ASP.NET! Thanks, djbob for fixing the server also. One of the outcomes of that down time was two cPanels! So that means that if one was going slow, I switched to the other one!! (If you don't know what I'm talking about: stevie.heliohost.org:2082 and heliohost.org:2082) -JJE
  14. Hi, I am setting up a Support Desk where users can request help for my site. I would like to enable it so the software can use my email address, and convert incoming mail into a new ticket. However, it is asking for an Incoming Mail Server Port? I have only found the port for outgoing mail, so please can somebody tell me the Incoming Port? Thanks in advanced -JJE
  15. -- EDIT: My CGI-BIN suddenly reappeared! --
  16. (I'm not being mean, I'm just curious).
  17. Hi, Many members are having the same problem, including me! I signed up a few days ago yet my account still hasn't been activated. According to djbob (the root admin), there was a bug in the Account Creation script, which has put the activation processes behind schedule. I think he has stopped all signup requests for new users so that the ones that registered a few days ago (me and you) can be activated quickly without putting a lot of pressure on the server. JJE
  18. Hi, I'm having the same problem. I signed up 3 or 4 days ago and my account still hasn't been activated. However, djbob (the root admin) has told us that there was a problem with the account creation script, which he has fixed. I think that he has temporarily disabled new account signups to help the old ones be activated quicker. JJE
  19. It is a private social networking site. Thanks, JJE
  20. I'm not very experienced with HTML, PHP, Perl, or anything like that. But here's how it works: On the signup form, when users click 'Submit', it sends a FormMail CGI/Perl script which send the signup information to me and my fellow administrators. One of the admins have to manually create the account. For a user to login, they have to go to a certain web address to access their account, like: http://www.chatbook.co.uk/username-87654 The directory that they go to is a password protected directory. Maybe it is one of the worst methods of signing up and logging in, but I am planning to hopefully change the Login to a login like any other website, when Java/JSP is enabled on HelioHost. I am trying to keep user's private data somewhere so my fellow admins and me can access, and I was thinking I could maybe take advantage of MySQL? Thanks, JJE Wizard, the second thing that you bolded I wasn't ment to type. *embarressed*. I had a very bad arm yesterday (was in a sling) and I was having trouble typing. I ment 'so that only Admins can retrieve the information'. Sorry!
  21. You have to login to your cPanel account within a certain amount of time (not sure how long). Login to cPanel and it should clear the problem. If your website happens to go down because of this message, then go to http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/renew.php to renew your account. Hope this helps! -JJE
  22. Hi, I've got a site that requires logging in and signing up that works like no other site and I need a place to keep all the personal details that users give us so that only Admins can give us. I was thinking I could (somehow) put all of my users details into a MySQL Database so that my other fellow Admins could access them if required. Is this possible, or is this not such a good idea. Thanks, JJE
  23. Hi, Yesterday I created a topic on HelioNet saying that I couldn't access my cPanel (I am a new customer) after 48 hours. But then I received an email from my domain provider - Redstation - saying that my website would be up tomorrow (now today) afternoon (GMT-0). A kind Administrator said my cPanel was active, and I had to wait for my domain, so I closed the topic. I went and tried to login to cPanel, but I got the 'Login attempt failed' message again. It is now evening (GMT-0), and I still cannot access my cPanel? Username: jje Website URL: chatbook.co.uk Domain provider: Redstation UK Thanks in advance, JJE
  24. I'M REALLY SORRY! *very embaressed* *very upset* *feels bad* I have just received an email from my Domain Provider - Redstation - to say that my account will be activated today (afternoon). That must be what is slowing it down! I'm SO sorry I blamed it on you guys. *very embaressed* *very upset* *feels bad*
  25. Ok - thanks. EDIT: (so sorry for blaming it on you guys!)
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