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  1. Hi gurus I have no problem if i download files & mysql db from Hostgator and run it from wamp. However if i download from Heliohost.org, running the related 'Virtual Host', it will just cause a download as a file which is actually the index.php of webpage. I have already disabled the .htaccess which is have extra line of <IfModule mime_module> AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml </IfModule> Hope to learn why. Thank You
  2. Guys i was involved in a fall thus have not been accessing the CPanel being out. I just reactivate account and can log in into the CPanel but the website peace2u@heliohost.org is suspended. Please advise.
  3. Thank you pals for the various angles of this subject, enlightening!. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys As i was trying to find out, how do i change the php version in the control panel for my website? What is the current version in use? Thank you
  5. Hi guys How do i check and change the php version for my website?
  6. Hi Need your help again, i can't login to Softaculous to do Jm3.8.2 update. I use the following https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083/frontend/paper_lantern/filemanager/index.html then after the password check it takes me to the normal cpanel. I must have missed something!!
  7. Thank you guys As Krydos dig up it is all happening in the TRASH, thus it does not readily appear until i click the button "View Trash". After Empty the can it drop back to 30+%. Krydos teach me how to run the root@tommy [/home/fuzmic]# du --max-depth=1 -h From where can i run get the meaningful data. Kind Regards to all.
  8. Hi guys I note that I use up >80% of the disk space & it came from hidden files, how to remove them. I think I should be using about 50% Please advise
  9. Hi mates I can log in to softaculous but there is no jm 3.8.1 update while in Jm backup there is update notification. There is a bug in jm 3.8.0 hence i would like to do the update soon. What is happening, advice please. TQ.
  10. Seem Tommy only have 35.8G rather low, is it not true? From the monitor, tommy is down a few times in minutes in a month, what is the possible cause?
  11. Root Admin In my Cpanel, i see only 1G space so what you mean when you say 11.1GB real space & 02.7 GB
  12. Bro the content is as follows # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit# Set the “ea-php56†package as the default “PHP†programming language.<IfModule mime_module> AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml</IfModule># php -- END cPanel-generated handler, do not edit What you make of this ifModule? What in your system or what i do, cause this to be included?
  13. Thank you Wolstech for the clarification. This file will cause mylocalhost not to start, so i just got to drop it within the localhost. What happens if i rename it to htaccess (not .htaccess) in the root folder in the tommy host?
  14. Hi guys I am not sure if i had added an .htaccess file in my folder or did your system do it. Please advice. THANK YOU.
  15. Admin: How to change the title of this topic to [RESOLVED]
  16. Hi guys (Resolved) Just to share my experience on how to upgrade to Jm3.8 from Jm3.7.5 ; this is not possible from Jm BackEnd at HelioHost which is the start of this thread. (After this experience I still think HH server has some folders that does not provide for this.) On asking at the start of this thread, Krydos point me to Softaculous which HelioHost paid for the linkage. To get to this feature you need to access your cpanel using this https://docs.joomla....xisting_version My mission is to update my already installed jm3.7.5 keeping all its extensions. This is called "Import", not "Installation" (latter a totally fresh installation) For this "import" In the Softaculous interface when you log in using index.live.php, after the "import" click, your domain name is shown, then just click the "Import". Once done, your website is registered in Softa.. system. Thereafter Softa.. will tell you you need an Jm update, just follow its instruction, you can also do the backup at the same time. Make sure the 100% is completed. You can look at this thread for more details: https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=13394 Final note: You cannot update from Jm BackEnd, it can only be done within Sofa...
  17. Friends I found the "Import" method in Softaculous login and is working to set up my website details in their server. Once done i presume all the problems of upgrading to Jm3.8 is resolved. Let you guys know when done.
  18. Root Admin i have followed that method in my past upgrade of Joomla, it certainly works. But from v3.8 onwards we can't over ride the old files and try to fix the database plus 2nd step. I have tried on my localhost, if we use this old way the whole site stop. I am actually following Jm new instructions & is able to duplicate their instructions in my other web site and in the localhost. So we have to move on the path as i posted earlier Still trying to find the real reasons. Kyrdos, Thanks for the follow through. Kind Regards.
  19. More ... At Joomla BackEnd, the update went to extent of proceeding to use the uploaed 3.8-update.zip from Jm but resulting error: "Could not open archive part file home/f..mic/public_html/tmp/jus6N4eFA for reading. Check that the file exits, is readable by the web server & is not in a directoyr made out of reach chroot, open_basedir restrictions or any other restriction pu in place by your host." Is there a way to solve this from the above angle? I am using the "Upload & Update" dialog of Jm backend to try this. There is already a prewarning of "php temporary folder not set" Hope someone can move this.
  20. Appreciate your help as it do take time to fit into the world full of changes. I will see what other way i can do this update. Or if i can further understand what softa... did during an installation or how i can register my existing public_html for it to manage. Peace PS On further thought & checking: As i can update at localhost or other website, i will still want to try to do it a HelioHost dropping the idea of using Softa..,this is a more direct way. If i can do it, i will certainly share, meanwhile if anyone has anything to help, appreciate you drop a line.
  21. Too many to try. My main concern now is how does Soft.. know my change of folder? I would think that a easier way is do the update in my localhost and then upload. By this method, again does Soft.. still manage the old folder? I tried update at the old joomla backup, the status is the same at the beginning of this thread. Or another way, how can i get Soft... to manage my old public_html To get Soft.. to manage the old p-h, i tried editing details of installation details in Soft.. but was rejected.
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