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[Solved] VPS subscription renewal

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The subscription of my VPS must be renewed this week. I saw that the link that Krydos made for me in January is still active. However, it leads to a page where you have to choose a given plan. 3 questions:

1. Should I use this link?

2. Can you, please, tell me which plan I'm actually using?

3. If I use this "general link", with someone else paying the subscription, will you be able to make the relationship between the payment and my account (the email used for the payment will be the same as each time these last years)? Would it, please, be possible to confirm the renewal when I'll have paid (just to be sure...).



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I assume this is for VPS43? If so, try this link which should be specific to VPS43: https://heliohost.org/vps/pay/?code=pDzbrBcnmKVSB5oI

It should just prompt you for how to pay, and should state above the payment options that it's for $37.80 for 6 months (the VPS is a 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 50GB storage model with a 6 month term).

If it's asking you to pick a plan and duration, you're looking at the regular VPS signup page, which should not be used for a renewal.

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It's VPS43. The payment is made, using the link above, which directly leads to PayPal with all data filled in. If you need the transaction code, please, let me know.

Also, we did not cancel the automatic renewal this time. So, normally, you should get the money automatically every 6 months. Just to be sure, what happems if, for one reason or another, automatic payment does not work? You will not delete the VPS, without contacting the user, do you?


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I see the payment on our side, you're good until January 9. :) 

Auto-pay typically attempts to charge you on your expiration date.

If the auto-pay fails, I believe you get an email about it failing from paypal. We also send our own warning emails when your payment goes past due, and you get several days to pay before it shuts down. I'm not sure how long the VPS is kept before deletion once shut down, but it looks like we currently have one that was turned off several weeks ago and it still hasn't deleted (I suspect this time period is 30 days, but may be wrong on that).

A VPS that was shut down for nonpayment can be recovered up until deletion by paying the past due bill then contacting support to have it turned back on.

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