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[Solved] i want change my domain

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5 hours ago, psn09999 said:

i thought i had to use your guys nameservers and a Cloudflare Registrar doesn't let you do custom nameservers

This requirement went away when we switched to Plesk. We support third party DNS now, where you can just use A and AAAA records as Moneybroz said above. You can find the IPs in Plesk once the domain is added. Also, you'll need to add additional records if you want email functions to work (an MX, a few TXT records, and an additional A or CNAME if you want webmail).

The only domains that I'm currently aware of that are problematic here are those from afraid.org/Freedns, and that's because of poor implementation on Afraid's part.

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50 minutes ago, psn09999 said:

ok sounds good ill get a get a domain setup this afternoon because i was unsure if it was supported or not. also can i use a subdomain as a main domain?


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Domain changed. Please make sure you create A and AAAA records for the subdomain that are pointed to the IPs shown in plesk.

The domain can take up to 2 hours to work.

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