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[Solved] Open my account,tks

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Dear manager:

I reviewed the terms of service and found no violations of the rules on my account.

My website is my personal blog, and it does not involve copyright, illegal and other related requirements. Request account recovery. Special thanks to you for your free and stable hosting service.

have a nice day.

God bless you!

Loyal Helio user

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I'm sorry, because I have multiple projects (some of which are implemented for others to commemorate the deceased), and I didn't understand that it should be possible to open multiple subdomains under one account, right? Please help me keep "phpidc" and merge the other data into this account. Thank you so much!

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Accounts gwxy and scorn have been merged. In addition, backups of these accounts from prior to the merge are available at https://heliohost.org/backup/ if anything has gone missing.

Note that your databases will have the wrong prefix because of the merge. It would be best practice to copy these databases into new ones that use the phpidc_  prefix and drop the old ones, however you will also need to set up new DB users and update your software configuration to use the new DBs.

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