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Increase php limits for typo3


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Those limits would cause your account to be suspended for high load within minutes (especially the memory, though the execution time could be a problem for CPU usage as well). If the application needs those sorts of limits, you'll need to buy a VPS instead.

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That date suggests we had CPanel. When we switched to Plesk, our rules for suspension became a lot more strict to make it fair for everyone and to keep our uptime at the 99% that we try to guarantee, even on the Johnny server, where we used to just let people do what they wanted pretty much.

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It's been answered above (that was a 10 year old post, back in the day we were a lot more lax about things like this). Any forum posts from before 2021 might reference servers and configurations that no longer exist or are no longer supported (we switched platforms in July 2021).

As for it being in Plesk, if it's available there, it's probably a default application that came with the system. The load restrictions are something we implemented, so Plesk has no idea the software won't actually run in our configuration.

Plesk offers Wordpress too...which is also a leading cause of high load suspensions.

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