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[Solved] Supenden


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Your account was suspended because Wordpress is causing too much load. I have unsuspended your account, but please try to limit the load you put on our servers as it slows down not only your site, but the sites of all other HelioHost users sharing your server.

This is really common for Wordpress. It can cause massive amounts of load even if you're hardly getting any traffic to your site. Wordpress is also incredibly insecure and very easy to hack. We see Wordpress accounts get hacked all the time and usually the hacker sets up a phishing site on your domain. We strongly recommend using any software other than Wordpress.

If you insist on using Wordpress you might want to consider purchasing a VPS instead. VPS hosting gives you an entire virtual server to yourself, including no load limits, a dedicated IP address, and full root access. Wordpress sites load relatively slowly on our shared hosting, but they will be much faster on a VPS.

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