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[Solved] Can't access plesk panel

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It seems that I can't access the plesk panel on the tommy server, I'm getting the time out error message. I accessed last night (around here utc-3:00) and it worked, I guessed that it could be a problem with my new account (created yesterday) but I'm not able to access today.


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A timeout is usually a firewall block, but I'm not seeing the IP on your post listed in the firewall as blocked. Are you posting from the same IP that has the issue? If not, what IP is impacted (you can check by visiting this page from the computer that doesn't work: https://heliohost.org/ip.php and telling us the IP it shows you)?

Also, if you visit tommy directly do you see a Plesk login ( https://tommy2.heliohost.org/ )? 

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That IP isn't blocked, which is kind of expected since the tommy2 link works for you. Not sure why you were having trouble with the dashboard but glad to see you're able to get into your account :)

Please let us know if you need anything else.

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