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https://heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/domain gives 404

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That script is obsolete and hasn't worked in 2 years (it died in 2021 with cPanel). It also doesn't apply to VPSes anyway. We don't provide DNS service (beyond the vps##.heliohost.us domain) or mail service for VPS customers, you're supposed to install that stuff on your VPS or use external services for those.

We do provide mail and DNS for Plesk shared hosting, but without knowing your account info and the domain its difficult to troubleshoot or set this up.

Do you have an actual VPS or are you on Plesk shared hosting and mistakenly calling it a VPS? If you have a VPS, what VPS number? If shared hosting, what username and server?

What domain are you trying to point to your account?


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