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[Solved] Create a domain for VPS


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Hello @stoick,

Regarding your request for a subdomain, I'm escalating it to our root admins so they can change your current vps60.heliohost.us to stoickwd.helioho.st.

Regarding your question about having Plesk panel, it is possible, but since Plesk is a paid software, you either need to already have a license or buy one. The cost for a Plesk license is $13.50/month, and you can request it here so a root admin can provide more info on how to get it.

If you do not want to incur in new costs, you can choose a free control panel, e.g., HestiaCP or KeyHelp. Personally, I would recommend the latter, which is what I use on my VPS, but lots of our users choose HestiaCP. I have made a topic about free VPS control panels, which you can check here.

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2 hours ago, stoick said:

Thanks for the help!  how do i get KeyHelp?  Is that something i am to install or does a admin?

You can install by yourself or request for a root admin to do it for you.

It's really easy to install it by yourself, all you have to do is access your VPS through SSH and with your root access (i.e., either including "sudo" before the below commands or running "sudo su" to escalate to root before running them) run these commands:

wget https://install.keyhelp.de/get_keyhelp.php -O install_keyhelp.sh ; bash install_keyhelp.sh --non-interactive --hostname-fqdn="domain_for_your_panel" --admin-username="name_for_your_admin" --admin-password="password_for_your_admin" --notification="email_for_notification_after_installation" ;

That command will run an unattended install (without prompting you for inputs) and automatically inputting a FQDN (control panel address/server address), create an administrator username with the name and password you specify, and finally emailing the email address you specify when the installation is completed. If you want to install it answering its prompts (i.e., default installation method), just run the following commands:

wget https://install.keyhelp.de/get_keyhelp.php -O install_keyhelp.sh ; bash install_keyhelp.sh ;

This will allow you to customize your KeyHelp installation while prompting you to choose some options during its setup.


PS.: The control panel address should be different from the domain you want to host, e.g., control panel address vps60.heliohost.us and site hosted being stoickwd.helioho.st. Or, if you want to use your own domain, something like: control panel address server.yourdomain.com and site hosted being yourdomain.com.

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The domain stoickwd.helioho.st has been created and pointed at your VPS. Whichever control panel you decide to go with, just add that domain to the control panel, and it should work. If you decide to go SSH only you can add it to your Apache, Nginx, or whatever webserver config you decide to go with. Let us know if you need any help.

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