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[Solved] Origin is unreachable - Host error


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My user name is PHINK.

I have a couple domain names registered with Cloudflare and hosted in your Tommy server.

They were working fine until I was moved to Plesk.

Now I am getting a Host error when trying to load the sites.

Please not the error did not occur immediately after I moved to Plesk, but a few days later.

I guess Cloudflare was keeping my sites in their cached servers for some time until it was purged.

Should I change my DNS settings?

There are no information regarding those settings on the Plesk interface, I have not changed my A records or Cname records on my registrar's side.

Please help me out.


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The IP address of the server changed when you moved to Plesk, so yes you do need to update your DNS records.

Your account is now at Please update your A records in Cloudflare to point to that IP address.

Also, if you use email, you will need to update your SPF and DKIM records as well (SPF will need the new IP inserted it in replacing the old IP, and DKIM you have to generate the record in Plesk and use the value it gives you).

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I had a working subdomain on Johnny  (jeep.vidon.net) prior to the Plesk move but it is no longer listed, and when I try to access its website It loads the HelioHost login interface instead.

How can I get it back? The files are still in their folder, but Plesk doesn't offer any add domain or subdomain option yet.

Thank you for your help.

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I added the subdomain back, it was missing for some reason, pointed to ~/public_html/jeep. Make sure you update the DNS for that subdomain to point to so it will work.

The domain may take up to 2 hours to start working.

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