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Setup arc.io on my site manually

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Thanks .. I want to setup arc.io on my site manually without using wp plugin. 

Have hosted it already at https://ojplanet.ga/arc-sw.js

I don't know how to Setup a reverse proxy from https://ojplanet.ga/arc-sw.js to https://arc.io/arc-sw.js 

If your web server is Apache, add the following directives to your Apache config file.

ProxyPass "/arc-sw.js"  "https://arc.io/arc-sw.js"
ProxyPassReverse "/arc-sw.js"  "https://arc.io/arc-sw.js"



As mandated by browser security policies, the Service Worker (arc-sw.js) must be served from your domain(s), i.e., ojplanet.ga, with an HTTP 200 response. It can't be served via an HTTP 302, 301, or 307 redirect. See here if you're curious for more details.

Admin.. Pls help me to setup the reverse proxy and configure the Apache

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Since this is not related to your previous issue (setting up DNS records for email hosting) and to keep our community organized, I have split your post into a new topic on our Website Management and Coding section.

Now about your question, on shared hosts such as Tommy, Johnny, Ricky, Lily, and any others that may come, direct access to change Apache directives is not allowed.

Some directives can be defined through a .htaccess file, but ProxyPass is not one of them, thus your only option is to see if Arc provides another way to set it up.



I tried to create an account on that Arc to try to install it, but unfortunately, its registration requires an invitation code, so I am unable to go further on this matter.

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