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Free Signups Opening


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Merry Christmas!

We decided it would be a good gift to everyone who has been waiting patiently for so long to start giving out free accounts again beginning at midnight UTC Christmas December 25th, which is about 13 hours from now.

We aren't done transferring all of our existing users yet, but now that we have the Johnny server set up and running we will be able to increase the rate of invites we send out again. We got all of our donors on to Tommy, plus upgraded as many Ricky, and Johnny users to Tommy as would fit, but Tommy's uptime is starting to dip and the load is pretty high, so that means we can't fit any more accounts on there for now.

We expect free signups to fill fairly quickly so if you check on December 25th and they're already full they will open again the next day at midnight UTC, and each day after. The signup page will give you an idea of how long free signups were open the previous day to help you plan ahead.

The code for the signup page is fairly new so if you run into anything that seems like a bug let us know so we can fix it. We're still a long ways from fully functional, but HelioHost is coming back stronger than ever, and this is a huge step in the right direction. If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask.

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This is spectacular news!

It is gratifying to see HelioHost continuing its mission of providing full-featured web hosting for free.

Long live HelioHost and my most sincere thanks to everyone, donors or volunteers, who helped and continue to help it in its mission.

Merry Christmas 😄

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21 hours ago, Krydos said:

We expect free signups to fill fairly quickly

Our first day of free signups and they all filled in 0.89 seconds. I don't think anyone expected them to fill so quickly. I was thinking maybe 30 seconds or a couple minutes at least. Honestly, the free account signup code was not very thoroughly tested prior to going live, but the good news is we didn't have any issues and it worked as expected.

For anyone who is trying to get an account the best advice seems to be to just mash the Johnny tile over and over as midnight gets close. If there are no signups available it will just return you to the signup page, and you can click again. If you do get a signup it will reserve you a space on Johnny so you can take your time submitting your email address, username, password, domain, etc. Once the code is a little more tested we can increase the number of invites we offer each day. Good luck!

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