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Just want to say and give my thanks


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I simply want to thank all of you that helped me with my free personal website. It's a nice thing also to have a url https. There is many links that i should update in my website, this when i'll have time. I'm more checking if i had some messages of peoples that write me. Its a good thing the possibility to add something as spam. I wonder if there is some peoples that might have suggestion about free full legal software as openoffice, libreoffice, gimp, inkscape, etc. Maybe gonna add it to my free good software list for peoples. Well i just want good things for peoples.

Once again thanks for your time and help. 👍

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If you want you could add my "testimonial" on the bottom of the page of Heliohost

My testimonial:

It's been more then 10 years i'm with Heliohost. The team is fantastic, the services is super; the hosting options are real great. If you have try other hosting places, then have been onto Heliohost; you'll know it's a great place. 👍



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Thanks Krydos, i'm glad that you have put my testimonial. Also saying it's been more then 10 years, show to the readers: stability and its a great hosting place beside others.

I do hope that it will bring you more donations and encourage donors. Thanks also for the help to renew LetsEncrypt infos (step by step) dont want to make any error or cause some server problems. Just have some basic knowledges about webpage creations.

I'm glad that peoples find interresting into my free personnal website. Dont have much time into (work, groceries, etc), but when i can i'll update some links. I have a friend of mine also that i have suggested to create for him maybe some pinball game for his heavy metal rock band called: "call your enemy". I know that he is on youtube and spotify, last month he have took a photo of me with him, his looking for a drummer at this time; have find a guitar basis guy just before.

This beside i think to create a free pdf guide "in french" about the software Futurepinball. I have writing to housing publishers, but none have writen me back. Even some book authors havent writen me back. I just have hoped to find some housing publisher in my province. That i dont sign anything, that they pay for the book creation, and that the money to me (dont go to me) but to health organizations as cancer and others. Even for organism that help peoples in the street or peoples that can be evicted because of the rising cost of rent. Brief to help peoples lives.

But i'm so discouraged! Because i have no answers from the peoples that i contacted for the french book that i'm building (similar as my english book) on the subject. Well gonna make it available anyway, but would like if some paper book, that it bring money to organism that help lives. Hope that it will bring peoples interrest in the futurepinball software. I hear many times, there are students primary school and some in secondary school; that loose some interrest. It could be great if it reach some schools, would be even funny talk about my french guide on radio; then after the housing publishers try to contact me after.

I have forget if you want to simply see a picture of one of my friends with me, he is the singer of the band called: call your enemy. I have made for him a logo, dont know if the heavy metal rock band team will accept it. Here is the link to this picture of him with me: sylvain.heliohost.org/cye

Well i try to help peoples of the fiew things and fiew knowledges i have and give free.

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