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Simple question for you Krydos about your avatar


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@Krydosyour avatar is great looking. I wonder if it is related to the game Final Fantasy X combat system? As i see on the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV0UNqLKKfk

Between the time (3:00 to 3:07) of this youtube video, there is some battle system, that the players places some kind of power stones to give the players some powers. The avatar that you have put into the circle (blue patterns), make me think about it. Just asking by curiosity. I have played Final Fantasy VII of the playstation 1, if i remember was on that version of game console. Maybe one day i could make my own 3D game (not first shooter), possibly some side-scrooling as Super Mario Bros or some "follow from distance camera" the character in a world environment. But i must know many things to do so and have the correct and legal softwares.

Well i just wanted to know if your image is related to this FF X game?


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My avatar actually comes from the anime called Full Metal Alchemist. The brothers Edward and Alphonse attempt to use alchemy to bring their dead mother back to life. My avatar is the alchemical circle they drew to attempt that.

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Thanks @Krydos i have done a search and have notice there is the game Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood for the PSP game console. I think i still have the psp game console, so gonna try to buy this game from some shop that is named: GameStop. Dont know if they will have this game? It seem a real nice game to have and to play, watching some videos. A friend of mine have buyed some game console that have many games into called: BatoCera. There is many games into. The "recent" games i dont play anymore, because i have some "motion sickness" 🤮 at some games. So i'm still very old game console.

The thing that i dont like much when i go see him, is that sometimes her friend watch my head and say looking my hair; knowing me for many years. That she think that maybe in the 70 years old, that i'm maybe gonna be bold skin on top of my head, with just hairs that surround my head like some crown. Hihihihi i must laugh about it. Maybe i should take more recent photos of my self, with the hairs i have of course lolll. Just in case if this happen. Lollll

There is some PSP games that i suggest for peoples that i have buyed long time ago. There is one that is called: "My Spanish Coach" that make you learn spanish, with some games exercises for the spanish; have not played much but seem a nice game to learn easy spanish. For the pinball fans i suggest the games: "Williams pinball collection hall of fame" and "Gottlieb pinball collection hall of fame". The last psp game i suggest is a great game to exercise your brain, it's good to exercice your brain with some fun brain games; the psp game i'm talking about is called: "Hot Brain". It's real fun this brain game and dont take much time to understand how to use. It is i would say for any ages like 10 years old, even 60 years old.


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