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[Solved] Problem connecting to external MySQL db


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I need help connecting to mySQL database that is on hosting server from my site. 


DB connects fine from three different computers and two different sites, but it won't connect from my Django app on my site or using php script on my site, it just gives "Connection timed out"



user - gasparic


Hostinger MySQL db:

host = 'servername';

dbname = 'XXX';
username = 'XXXXu';



I added % - any host to allowed hosts to MySQL remote on hPanel on hostinger and I also added address which was shared IP address for my site at the moment.



I made special user for Django so that I can share Django debug report if it will help - I'm willing to send it via email or private message.


Thank you in advance

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Received PM about this issue. Hostinger blocked Tommy's shared IP. I can't even ping the server from Tommy, let alone get a DB connection to work. Johnny isn't blocked though and works fine. Hostinger's support needs to unblock to fix this.

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Received PM:

I'm so glad I discovered HelioHost.


This level of dedication and support is just wow.


Thank you very much for your help.



You're most welcome :) Let us know if you need anything else.

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