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BforArtists free 3D Modeling Soft with PDF Guide


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Hi there


I simply wanted to share my free pdf guide about the 3d modeling software called BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0.


This software is based on the popular software called Blender. It is more intuitive i find


Here is a link of a image that i have made using BforArtists free open source software at:



Here is the link to my free BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0 Pdf Guide i have made at:



The source code of BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0 is at:



And here is the url link to the official BforArtists website at:



So if you like the free 3d modeling popular software called Blender, then i think you will like also BforArtists



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Yup BforArtists is a great 3d modeling software based on Blender. The only thing that i would like is that BforArtists as Blender have once again the "export" and "import" (ms3d "Milkshape3d") addon plugin; like they have in the Blender version 2.66. This because even if peoples think that the modeling software Milkshape3d is gone. I can assure that it is very used for the software Futurepinball; this because into this software peoples can create there own pinball games and import "ms3d" models into. Also creating some models with Milkshape3d is less heavy in "mb" (mega-bytes). Of course it depend of the number of polygones the model have.


I even have created a free pdf guide about creating basic models with Milkshape3d, this thank's to Mete Ciragan that have writen me a e-mail; telling his acceptance that i do printscreens of the software Milkshape3d. Here is the link to the free (no profits) basic pdf guide i have done:




I have created many free pdf guides on some softwares. The thank's goes not much to me, it goes more to the peoples and websites that have givin me there authorizations and permissions that i do printscreens images of there softwares in my e-mail. With it i could create theses free (no profits) pdf guides.



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