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My account got hacked.


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Start by resetting your password: https://ricky.heliohost.org:2083/resetpass?start=1


Then log in and delete everything in your public_html folder.


If you’re unable to reset your password, I can ban your hacked account and send you an invite for a replacement if you prefer.


As for why it got hacked, were you running Wordpress?

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Also i still couldn't reset my password because the main email was changed for some reasons.
But yeah you can ban my hacked account and send me an invite for a replacement please.

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Accounts getting hacked is almost always due to security issues in the software you use for your site. What program were you using?


In the rare case it’s not software related, it’s a weak or compromised password (usually because the password used was previously used on another site, and that site was breached).


We aren’t aware of any server security issues that would cause this and others aren’t reporting such issues, so it’s something specific to your account.

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