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[Solved] johnny web application not served


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I'm bfpswrm on Johnny. After the new server was up I can't connect with the applications I've deployed. If I try to reach, for example, "http://bfpswrm.heliohost.org/coro12/" I get a blank page. CPanel says that a certificate has expired on February, but I was able to connect to the site till Johnny was moved.


I don't think is a certificate problem, seems like it's related to the new Johnny...


Can you help me?



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For the certificate, you likely just need to install a new one. For the php script returning a blank page my best guess would be that Johnny's default php is 7.2 now, but it was 5.6 before. Is your script compatible with 7.2? Have you tried changing the php version back to 5.6?

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Hi Krydos.


I didn't install anything on Johnny by myself, so I don't know if before there was something installed that I used. How can I find it?


The calendar that is not showing is a very simple html table which is created by looping over the days of a single month, searching for each day in a MySQL table if there are meetings for that day. Perhaps also MySQL has changed?

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