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[Answered] New cPanel Licensing and Pricing Structure - what will be the effect for HelioHost?

Piotr GRD

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Yesterday (June 27, 2019) cPanel Inc. announced that on September 1st, 2019, they will introduce new price of each license, based on the number of Accounts hosted on the server. This will result in large price increases in many cases.


Will it be a significant change for HelioHost? Do 'we' have a problem?



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Krydos doesn't know yet, but doesn't think we'll be paying anything close to what's being advertised. I did the math on the retail prices in that link, and if we paid full price we'd have to drop cP entirely (it'd be nearly $8K per year under that licensing plan just to keep using cPanel the way we do now)


It's worth noting that we don't pay anywhere close to full price for cPanel as it currently stands, and a recent response from cPanel's support confirmed the special licenses we're using will still be available to us (though it didn't mention whether their price will stay the same).


A large part of the reason it's so cheap for us is because we're both a 501c3 and really good marketing for them.  :P Users who move on to paid hosting tend to ask for cPanel by name simply because they've been using it here and know it. 

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