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Seeing as there is no topic for this, I will start a topic for introducing yourself to the forums, that way I don't start a useless topic with 2 replies that dissappears in a day.


I am Gamemaster_268, NEVER(lotsa emphasis on the word) forget the _268. I only really came here cause djbob offered me a job as a mod, but these forums look like a nice place to unwind. I am male, and I like to make video games. Recently I had some forums for uploading video games make with the gamemaker, but they're gone because noone posted there :( . I promise to promote these networks and be a good mod to stop such events from repeating. Asuming I do become I mod, I will take any suggestions given to me that I think are good and send all the good ones to the admins.


Don't create random spam here, I'm trying to earn brownie points, err... I mean... trying to improve these forums in any possible way ;)

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Names Andrew, chose the Sn HerLoss and use it everywhere as a reflection of my horrible experiences with girlfriends decideing i wasnt good enough, born july 28, 1989, which makes me 15 right now, almost 16 and almost able to send in for my liscence :D

uhh, I live in a hick town in Maine, the "great" U S of A, I play guitar, write music, snowboard, wear glasses(lol), do webdesign, Im a fairly well known computer consultant in the area, and I definitly enjoy my sleep (What little I get). I work for my father part time as a public insurance adjuster (ask me what that is sometime) and in the summer i work for a concrete pouring company. Im a sophmore in high school, where i try to stay out of trouble, but i have been known to get suspended for a week. no detentions tho. My great grandfather (Sikorsky) Is known for inventing the first "Practical" helicopter, but my grandmother got screwed out of the small fourtune by her step brothers (nother interesting story for another time) and Im poor cuzza it.

That about wraps it up, Im always open to questions, heated discussions about politics, marriage proposals... haha, no really.

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Hi there, i come from the sadly gone AH4F service to come help here.

(if he djbob accepts me)

Im 16 years old, male

I live in Ohio, USA

I work very well with computers, programming, internet, ect.

I love to play games , and even some i program myself ^_^

Im some-what of a popular guy at my high-school, but not much.

I coperate very well with others and enjoy being creative.


contact me on MSN: awesomegamer@hotmail.com

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I'm Nilay... 20,male,India.

Same as awesomegamer... coming from AH4F. Hope this service also doesn't go kaput like they did!!!


That is all I can think of now... for rest, do check out my site... (which I'll post back when I get an account :P)

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