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[Solved] Connection to Heliohost timing out


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I have an account on Ricky.


When I access Ricky after connect to Internet(router logged in to ISP), I can access Ricky for about 5-10 minutes. But after that initial period Ricky stops responding, even to ping requests. I am able to ping/ access Tommy and Johnny, at the same time.


My ISP does not provide Static IPs for home users, so the IP keeps changing every time router reconnects/ DCHP is reset.


My current IP is


Could you please help me figure this out and fix this issue?


Thanks & Regards,

Ramana Murthy.

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Thank you for the reply. I do not have anything tool/program setup to login multiple times. Infact a few times I was already logged into the cPanel when this happened.


What I did notice though that after my account moved to Ricky, I still had my old email accounts configured in Icedove. Could these have been generating failed login attempts to pop/imap and resulting in my IP being blocked?


Anyway, I have removed the accounts earlier today and since have not seen this issue. So, my guess is that is the source of my problem. Will post a reply if the issue repeats. If I do not post in this thread in the next couple of days you can assume the issue to be resolved.

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It could. The block reason we see is I think based on the cause of the last failed attempt, as I've definitely seen others say the same thing (failed cPanel login, but it turned out to be email or FTP at issue).

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