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[Solved] First easy basic standard Python CGI


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I try to write an easy basic CGI in python and get this Internal server error 500.


What am I doing wrong?


user/script theil.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/hello-get.py on johnny


just a "Hello World"



print("Content-Type: text/html\n\n")[LF]



+ The [LF] are the right line endings with notepad++.

+ I changed the permissions on Windows to everyone.


Why can´t it just work...


Thanks in advance!



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Finally. Set permissions to 755, now it works. Why? Don't ask me. But hope others will find this helpful.


-> set to 755 in cpanel/file manager (no write world/group)

-> use notepad ++ in windows, just lf no cr


Solved so far. Thnx.

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If it's anything like what causes this for php, it's because of the group attribute (the second number in the permissions). The files cannot be writable by the group.


It'd be a bad idea from a security standpoint to have stuff writable by the public too, unless it's something meant for that, like a folder for public file uploads.

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