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Timeout While Verifying Domain In Zerossl


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While verifying the domain to gets ssl in the website in johhny i am getting the following error.
Please suggest the solution

Verification results

Some domains have failed verification. Please study the list below and then click "Next" to try requesting new challenges for them. Note: the challenge values will be different.


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What domain are you trying to validate? The location of your folder should be fine for dipsyo.heliohost.org (Johnny is very slow, so it's possible that he is actually just timing out...)


For digitalmarketinghelp.live, your software kept redirecting me, which means you will need to rename your .htaccess file to disable it, verify the domain, and rename it back afterwards. If it redirects me, it will redirect ZeroSSL and keep it from accessing the challenge file.


If you want, you can also move to Tommy or Ricky instead and SSL will be automatically provided for you. No messing with pesky challenge files, no renewing every 90 days. The server does all of it for you and it just works (provided you don't block the domain validation with .htaccess...)

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