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[Solved] Strange Behavior On Stevie


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Hey guys - I signed up for Stevie, setup wordpress and bought a domain and redirected the nameservers. Everything was perfect until I checked the site today.



1) Accessing http://deepclaritas.com/ (my domain) gives DNS can't be found. It was working just fine yesterday. I made no changes between yesterday and today.


Possible reasons:

1) Something's wrong with the domain itself. I'm following up with my domain name provider on this right now.

2) Helio's nameservers are down or something is wrong with my heliohost account. I noticed a very minor quirk in cpanel where available disk space showed NA/infinity.


Thoughts? Recommendations?

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Your site loads fine for me, and all of your dns settings look correct. Is this an intermittent problem or constant issue for you?


It's intermittent given the length of the account. I was on customer support w/ the domain name folks and looks like the DNS settings in their backend weren't being pointed correctly to the heliohost nameservers even though the config panel showed they were.


I'm going to declare intermittent config issues @ my domain name host. I'd like to mark this as resolved if you agree w/ my analysis.

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