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Error 500 On Stevie


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I have a configured subdomain on my main domain at http://blog.studentmanifesto.to . Since yesterday every time I try to visit I get an error 500. I have checked the server's settings from my side at least and I could not find any misconfigurations. I saw a post in this forum that was suggesting to change the database address from localhost to, but it was recommended for Johnny.

What should I do ?


Thanks in advance.

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I get an NXDOMAIN. I don't see any DNS records for that domain, so I'm not surprised it doesn't resolve. You should have two NS records pointed to NS1.nehliohost.org and NS2.heliohost.org.


This is what I'm seeing: http://bybyron.net/php/tools/dns_records.php?domain=studentmanifesto.to&rec=ALL (Notice how there's nothing listed). A working domain looks like: http://bybyron.net/php/tools/dns_records.php?domain=raxsoft.com&rec=ALL

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