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Php Version Change Request


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I was able to change PHP Version at another hoster, while I can`t see this feature here (under PHP Configuration). I was told that hthe hoster can do it for me in such cases, so, please downgrade my PHP version to 4x.,as many famous Softaculous scripts are not compatible with 5x.


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We don't support custom php versions hence why that option is missing. Your only choices are 5.3.8 on Stevie, or 5.4.41 on Johnny (I'd like to see 5.5 or 5.6 at some point, but it hasn't happened yet).


Supporting extra versions requires system resources we don't have. There's been talk of buying a new server to get the resources for new features like this, but who knows when it'll happen. Thanks for asking about it though :) Showing interest in a feature is the best way to have it considered for a future enhancement!


And yes, a lot of stuff in Softaculous is too old to run here (and a few are too new, like Drupal 8). Visit the script developers website to look for a current version that runs on 5.x (many do have a version that works on our versions of php). PHP 4.x has been obsolete for 7 years. We can't control what's offered in Softaculous (they determine what's offered and when it is updated), if we could, the incompatible scripts wouldn't be listed in there.

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