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Mysql & Phpmyadmin Connection Problems


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Hello, it has been a couple of days that I have problems both on access on my site when reading from database, and to make access to phpmyadmin.


The problem that appears when I try to open my website is:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'dryain_dryain'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home1/dryain/public_html/obblm/lib/mysql.php on line 573
Could not connect to the MySQL server.


while the code that usually appears when I try to open phpmyadmin from the cp is #1045.


the website address is: http://minotaurinorum.heliohost.org

my username is: dryain


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Code 1045 is an access denied error, so cP has the same problem as your website.


Go here: http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/passwd/index.html Make sure "Allow MySQL password change" has a checkmark, then change your password. After that, log out then in again and see if phpmyadmin works.


Your website could be a bunch of things. Did you create a mysql user and assign it to the database you're using? Is the password correct? You should not be using your cpanel account for database access in a PHP program (security issue).

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Worked like a charm for the phpmyadmin login, thank you.


I still have the access problem to the website. I have created users and assigned to the dbs (in fact I used this applicative for ~ 2 years), and I didn't change the passwords(actually I'm not even sure how to do it for the db users).

The only thing that comes into my mind is that I had to reactivate the account that same day, could it have any effect? What should I do? Please note that from phpmyadmin i can see that the dbs are fine and with data on.

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Seeing that cP and your DB users have this problem immediately following being unsuspended, the issue sounds like your account's passwords were not unscrambled when you were unsuspended (server probably choked on load or something).


The passwords for the DB users need to be changed. Go here: http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/sql/index.html Go down the bottom of the page and click the username of the affected user to change the password. After that, your software's config file needs to be edited with the new password (how and where that's done will vary by program, should be easy to find in the help for the software or on Google).

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Everything went allright (I had to remove the old users though, as it didn't accept the old password).


About the suspension: I'm quite sure to have logged in in the last month, but seems it didn't register and got suspended, do you have a reccomendation in how to do it?(I usually use




Thank you again!

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Just use http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082 or the form on the bottom of heliohost.org. The way to tell if the login counted is to look at the URL after login. If it ends in .phpcp it should count. If it ends in .php and .html, it will not count.


Your last login is showing as today, so it counted when you logged in today.

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