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[Solved] Suspended: Kymercer

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Your account was suspended for the following reason:


/home/kymercer/public_html/ha.pl - Malware. 1 file(s). Trojan.IRCBot-1142 FOUND


That means that there are some malware files found on your account.


For your safety and to protect your website from potential further corruption the account has been suspended.


To find the infected files we recommend making a backup of your site, download the backup file to your computer, and scan the backup using a reputable virus and malware scanner. If you're having trouble locating the offending files please ask and we can provide more information.


If you are you certain that it is a false-positive, we strongly encourage you to file a false positive form here: http://cgi.clamav.net/sendvirus.cgi


Your account should be unsuspended now, but keep in mind that this is a temporary unsuspension. You have 24 hours starting at the time of this post to clean your account of any and all malicious files or your account will be resuspended.

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When I try to log into my cpanel to make a backup, I'm told that my login is invalid, and I'm taken to a page where I can request a reset of my password.


I requested a reset, and it said "if this request was successful, a confrirmation email was sent to the address on file for this account...."


No email ever came, so how do I know if the reset request was unsuccessfull, or the email bounced, or what?


What do I do now? I'm sure of my login. I have no clue why I'm getting the error message.

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Your account was suspended for inactivity, because you haven't logged into your account in the last 30 days. To reactivate your account, please visit http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/renew. To prevent this from happening in the future please remember to visit http://heliohost.org/ to log into your account at least once every 30 days.


If you are still seeing the Account Suspended page after renewing your account, please clear your cache.

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