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[Answered] Django Versionfere


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I've been trying for a while now to run a different version of Django on my site and got to wondering if Heliohost plans to upgrade the Django version on Stevie or Johnny? The file structure used in Django 1.3 has been deprecated for a couple years now and having another more recent Django version preinstalled on the server would make development and deployment much easier.

It's an awesome framework and this is one of the few hosting sites (free or not) that supports it, so not much to complain about I suppose, just curious/hopefull that there may be plans to upgrade the version.





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Yeah, we are planning on upgrading the default version, but since people can run Django 1.5+ anyways it's less of a priority. Have you read through http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/17025-successfully-runnig-django-151-on-heliohost/ ? Another thing to consider when upgrading versions like this on systems hosting tens of thousands of domain is that anyone running a functional django 1.3 website would no longer work.

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