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[Solved] Suspended: Fleomikn

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Account: fleomikn

Host: spandora.tk


My account has been suspended. I think, the reason is, for a long time, i didn't use this.


I've worked around and around to find the best free hosting service. But up to now, i think helionet.org is the best one, it supports almost all features that basic website service required. The only thing is the page-loading is so slow. So, a free account is not a good solution for business. I'm thinking about upgrating my account later.


Up till now, i used helionet.org just for tesing some web platform/ apps. I've installed alot of things in my account just for testing later (because the pageload is so slow, and at least 24h, i could access my new installed app/domain mapping service). Of course, that will waste the sever's resource, i know that.


If that's is the reason, so please reactivate my account, i'll release some resource to free the disk space.

If you still decide turn off my account pemenently, that's OK! I'll think about hosting on heliohost later.

But, at least, i hope you can reactivate my account, just only in 24h. I'll backup all data to my pc, then i'll delete my account after that.


Many thanks!

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The only thing is the page-loading is so slow. ... (because the pageload is so slow,

If you need fast response time I think you might have chosen the wrong server. Johnny, the server you created your account on, is our experimental server allowing users to test things out and have access to every possible scripting language. Stevie is our fast stable server. As far as response times for the month of December these are the averages for both servers:

Stevie  224ms
Johnny 1291ms

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Oh, if that is, i'll test with an Stevie one.


Do note that you can only have 1 account.

If you want to switch to Stevie, you need to delete your Johnny account.

Or you can request permission to have 2 accounts.

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I'm gonna ask you that. Of coure, i don't want to register another one with another email. :D . If i delete my Johnny then get a Stevie, what happen with my data? I have to down load all backed-up data to PC then upload to Stevie later? Can I do all those things just "in a click"? And what's about "request permission to have 2 accounts"? How can i get?

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Use cPanel's backup wizard and select the full backup option.


To get permission to have two accounts, simply post in Customer Service with your current account information and your reason for having two accounts.

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