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Want Free Custom Logos And Custom Favicons For Your Website !


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Hey friends,

everyone wants free stuff and when it is custom made its demand become more, I am krishna, a full time science student but much interested in designing and painting. So i decided let you help in your website building in free of cost, if you want to pay my service just thank me, like me, and add me as a friend.


1)brand name(your website or product or service name)


3)expected filetype

4)expected file size(in KB)

5)link of any image or symbol(optional, if any symbol resembles your site)


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hi @Ktag

I'd like you to make a logo for my site, if you design me a nice logo I'd be happy..

I've just launched my site & it would be about PC stuffs.


1) algby (all lowercase letters: a b g b y)

2) black ( other colours CAN be included if it makes the logo eyecathcy options: #85C226 orange #9900FF #00CCFF ) tough black is what I'd prefer.

3) high quality any format

4) doesn't matter

4) check my favicon (algby.com)


Thanks for the post.. all the best. :)

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