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[Solved] Account Got Hacked


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Can someone please help me?

My heliohost website got hacked, it seems that the hacker changed my cPanel password, and the contact mail so I can't reset my password.

My cPanel username is: ermando

My website: http://3DSFun.heliohost.org

Can someone send me the password (or reset) to the GMX mail account which I created the website with?

Regards, MarioErmando.

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Your story appears to check out. Your current contact email address is different than the one you created the account with. The location that the account was last logged in from is a considerable distance from where you posted this topic from and from where you created the account from (which are both the same.) Here is some information if you want to track this guy down.


email address: biglots123456789@gmail.com

ip address:

location: Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

last login: Dec 19 13:06 PST


Your password has been scrambled, and emailed to the address that you created the account with. I would recommend using a stronger password from now on.

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