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List Of Free Domain Providers


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Having free hosting is great, but you also need a domain in order to get your website online. You could of course use a free subdomain from your webhost, but that generally limits your options and means you cannot transfer your website elsewhere without having to change your URL as well. That's the problem a free domain solves. This list is composed of providers who offer free domains at no charge and give you full DNS control as well as the ability to use your own nameservers (or the nameservers of HelioHost).


Free domain providers:

FreeNOM - The company previously responsible for .tk is now also poviding free .cf, .ga and .ml domains. This is the only provider who offers free top level domains. But be warned,

.eu.org - Free subdomain with rather complicated registration procedure. But this provider has been around since 1996 and most likely will be around for a long time.

nom.za - This is a special provider. The good news: nom.za domains are not free subdomains, they are valid third level domains just like .co.uk domains. The bad news: there are a lot of strings attached to managing a .nom.za domain, which you can find on their website (and are too extensive to be covered here).



FreeDNS is a service where people can submit their domains so other people can get subdomains from it. This community oriented nature means there are over 100,000 domains in there pool and many of them can be used to get free subdomains.



This list has been made possible using the list from http://getfreedomain.name/


Dead links (that may come back):

Free Available Domains - A clean, no nonsense provider with free subdomains of usa.cc, sxx.in, flu.cc, nut.cc, ibiz.cc, igg.biz and tld.cc.

.cu.cc - A popular free subdomain provider. They have been doing quite well in the last few years and have a neat referral program to earn some extra money.


Interdots is a company with many different "registrars" under them. Each registrar is responsible for a number of domains they provide subdomains for, with each registrar being responsible for a different top level domain. Except for their names and domains they offer, all registrars are almost the same so if you've tried one, you've tried them all.

nic.de.vu - providing free subomdains of various .vu, .tc and .ms domains

PopNIC - providing free subdomains with the .pn TLD

NeuNIC - providing free subdomains with the .vc TLD

HomeNIC - providing free subdomains with the .hm TLD

UNONIC - providing free subdomains with the .tf TLD

MediaDots - providing free subdomains with the .mn TLD

LavaNIC - providing free subdomains with the .lv TLD

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How can there be /too many/ free domains? Compared to the list of commercial domains; whichever free listing you come up with; must surely be minute. It should be the individual's choice, which service to pick. The Internet is a world of strict, and ruthless competition, zero tolerance. If you were to provide anything _but_ quality, you'd soon enough find yourself tripping over the edge. Another thing: Personally, I don't consider URL forwarding a proper domain. Unless you have DNS, you could just as well do with any of the free URL shortening services - why bother for a /domain/ - if it's not?

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Personally, I don't consider URL forwarding a proper domain. Unless you have DNS, you could just as well do with any of the free URL shortening services - why bother for a /domain/ - if it's not?

Good point, I split them into a seperate category. I also had some email correspondence with the guy behind getfreedomain.name, and he told me that .cu.cc / .ce.ms and all other free domain providers using the same software as .cz.cc are blocked from Google. Then I dug deeper and found out that I couldn't find any .net.tc or .tr.vu domains on Google. They are probably blocked too. That leaves only .tk as not blocked. Interesting.

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Checkout: r.gd - offering not only free (and short) domains but also free DNS, nameservers and forwarding.

Not many of the above offer that.


sorry guys - I meant to reply to the thread above - I hit "new topic" instead of "new reply". No meaning to spam and you're still invited to checkout the service though :-)

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Unfortunately - once again - I am wasting time, waiting for DNS propagation to complete, but in the meanwhile, if you care to enter clics.uk.tc into your Google box, it comes up alright, just like a bunch of others. Obviously this means, they are not blocked.


The one thing, I don't quite like about smartdots.com - the XX.tc registrar, is, that they have a large blacklist of DNS servers. So, if you are happy with your host, that doesn't mean, you can use it, to host your domain, simply because the DNS servers are black-listed.


Anyway, as I have stated on www.freeunited.uk.tc, Google has declared war upon the free world. Any help to get the site alive would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Oh, and one more thing, those lists, regarding free hosts, are usually hopelessly out-dated, hence, no use at all. It has always been, and will always remain, a pain in the - you know where - to do your homework, searching, trying, errror-ing, etc.


Eventually, one will find a useful combination - if just to last for a while. In the end, more and more people are moving over to the classic, reliable paid hosting track. I am in the process myself. It's just not making any sense, to have your sites, coming up, and going down every now and then.

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r.gd seems like a good one. Young, but good. And shorter than most other free domains.


Anyway, a good way to find out whether a domain is blocked in Google is by searching "site:<domain extention>" (without quotes). If the domain isn't blocked, you will see random sites using that domain. If the domain is blocked, you will get no hits. I will have to check that for my list above.


Cydots.com (of the **.tc domains) is a subcompany of Interdots.com. Interdots owns like a dozen of such companies, all offering free domains (e.g. EuropNIC, Smartdots, JoyNIC and others). Some of their domains have been blocked by Google, others have not (use the tip above to check individual domains). A problem I encountered with the Interdots system is that they do not support CNAME-records. Use one, and you will be dropped on their website when accessing it.

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I currently love the EU.ORG domains. Registering them is horribly painstaking, but it is reliable, NOT blocked in Google and of course, free.


Also, HelioHost deleted my hosting account (I can't log in anymore). Probably due to inactivity or forwarding traffic to my new website (with another hosting company (MY hosting company to be more precise)). This also means that I probably won't update this list anymore, so if you are looking for a good list, check GetFreeDomain.name for a nice list. And if you find anything missing in his list, use the contact form because the admin responds very well to good ideas.

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