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Account Queued on Stevie


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Hello :) It has come to our attention that all sites on Stevie are currently showing the queued page. We will attempt to fix this matter as soon as possible, but in the meantime please do not create any more topics on the matter.


For updates related to the matter, please follow us on Twitter @HelioHost. Thank you :)


UPDATE [8AM PDT] - According to the data I have in front of me, Stevie is in no fit state for me to run the script at this time. I will update you further as soon as I get it.


UPDATE [8:40AM PDT] - Looks like Stevie is all ready to go. The script is running now, this usually takes around 20 minutes.


UPDATE [9AM PDT] These issues has been resolved :)

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As we say on the signup script, it takes up to 24 hours for your account to create and up to 24 additional hours for your site to show.

According to our information, your account has been created but the domain has not been setup yet. Please wait an additional 24 hours.


Thank you

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Hmm.. i don't see anymore Queue page, and the server was alright awhile ago and i was able to access my site w/o any problem, until suddenly down a few minutes ago T_T

i don't see any news regarding current down time, may i know what's going on on stevie?


stevie seems to be down more often than johnny recently, eventhough johnny was said to be less stable than stevie.

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