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Found 10 results

  1. Please unblock IP again. To many SFTP connections
  2. Please unblock IP
  3. Hey, unblock my IP please (, my account is munny. This happened because my account was suspended. I tried to recover and then I had to change my password twice. Then I tried to connect to the server via Dreamweaver FTP, but there I'd forgotten to change the password, too. After the frustrated attempts, this may have caused it to happen. Now I need it to be done urgently, because I need to send a file there, to reestablish connection. Thanks!
  4. Hi, please help. I can't download files from external url like before. the function file_get_contents() is not working as before, i'm getting the error: "failed to open stream: Connection refused" i understand this could be a firewall block level, so please check it out. Thanks!
  5. This morning I've been trying to stablish my first connection via SFTP and though Dreamweaver but with no success. Then, my IP ended up being blocked and now I'd just like you to unblock it. (my IP: Site: munny.heliohost.org / username: munny / server: Johnny. Thanks, guys!
  6. I'm new at this website and I created an user but when I tried to use the given data to login it was false and I kept trying different things and then I got blocked??? I need help to get unblocked and I#d like to know how to login into an user.
  7. I've been experiencing a lot of attacks, mainly brute-force password attacks, at my WordPress site and I was looking for a solution to this problem. I have installed the plugins such as Sucuri and Wordfence that provide some protection but the problem of blocking those bad IPs remained. Sites like blocklist.de provide lists of such blacklisted IPs but how to import those lists in WordPress and use them to block those IPs? I found an easy solution through an excellent free plugin called CIDRAM: https://github.com/CIDRAM/CIDRAM/blob/master/_docs/readme.en.md My solution to protect WordPress so far is to use Sucuri and CIDRAM. Those two work well so far and don't overload the server CPU. Eventually I would like to move away from WordPress since it's very problematic...
  9. Hi admins, my IP adress got blocked due to SFTP Logins: Could you please unblock it? Thanks!
  10. The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to IMAP with the wrong password too many times. Can you please unblock me?
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