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  1. I already did this. Problem is still there Please help
  2. I'm getting below error. I tried to update certificate, then also same error is received How to resolve it?
  3. Hi there my domain www.gsakola.com is pointed towards ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org username : ansaraf heliohost domain : gsakola.heliohost.org how do I update new IP Address
  4. first of all I'm new with web development. though I've written some API's in php but they are basically for my desktop app only. When I'm running my Flutter App from Desktop mode it works fine, but in Web Mode it throws error XMLHttpRequest error. On searching I came to know that it has something to do with CORS
  5. I've uploaded flutter app to server. App works fine except for getting data using web API's on googling I came to the conclusion that I need to activate CORS on web server. Please let me know how can I activate CORS on server. username : ansaraf
  6. Thanks it worked for me
  7. Does heliohost web server support flutter apps?
  8. Dear Sir, my domain name is gsakola.heliohost.org & I've added gsakola.com as alias to my account. I want to secure both domains using free Lets Encrypt. How can I do it?
  9. Please move my account to tommy Paypal Transaction ID :- 4CY957162V646023H Transaction Amt :- 2.00$ Username :- ansaraf Thanks a lot Amit Saraf
  10. It's been more than a month Ricky is offline. How much time will Server Ricky take to come back online. I tried to make payment to move my account to tommy but no service accepts Card Payment.
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