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  1. ojplanet

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  2. Hello admin... Please any update on the new server?
  3. I now have my new domain.. ojplanet.me Pls add and make it my main domain
  4. Okay, can i use eu.org domain on cloudflare?
  5. Hello.. I'm unable to add my site on cloudflare cause am using heliohost subdomain... Is there a way to add it without buying domain?
  6. Okay... I think Joomla is fine, the site is now available and no 504 error.. Admin pls update Joomla version to 4, the framework i want to use is well compatible with joomla 4
  7. Okay thanks.. do you know any other drag and drop builder? Its so easy using wordpress and elementor.. I don't know much about coding
  8. Working fine now after re installing WordPress... Hope the 504 gateway won't popup anymore
  9. Am getting too much of 504 gateway timeout on my WordPress website so i uninstall WordPress. Right now i only see error 403 forbidden.. what's the issue? Username: Ojplanet Site: https://ojplanet.helioho.st
  10. Thanks... Can i use heliohost domain? If so generate one for me using my id: ojplanet Then make it my default domain for now
  11. I'm using CF dns for a while without issue but all of a sudden this DNS error popup am my site is not reachable.. i changed my Name server back to ns1 and ns2.heliohost.org still showing error.. pls what's wrong my site is down Site: https://ojplanet.ga Server: Tommy ID: Ojplanet
  12. My site https://ojplanet.ga is having downtime issue, it works normal or even fast then it becomes unresponsive/504.. so it keep doing that not stable. Is the problem from my site or Tommy? Id: ojplanet
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