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MariaDB Limits


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Each user can now open a maximum of 10 connections to MariaDB on Johnny and Tommy.

Back in 2021 and earlier we had a limit of 3 connections on Johnny and 6 connections on Tommy. Tons of people would write bad code that doesn't ever close database connections and then they would hit the limit and complain to us about the errors. The forum and Discord were full of messages like, "The reason you can't open any new connections is because you already have 6 open connections that have all been sleeping for hours without even doing anything."

When we switched to Plesk we decided to do an experiment and leave the connections unlimited to see if people could be responsible and not abuse our generosity. It worked well for 3 years, but in the last 2 weeks one person on Tommy and three people on Johnny have (probably unintentionally) launched a denial of service attack on our MariaDB databases causing hours of downtime for thousands of other users.

So, the time has come to enforce a limit again. A few bad people always ruin the fun for everyone else.

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Hi!, I'm a newbie at the moment, and I'm amazed at how you provide this high quality service. I think users should choose to use database-less software as often as possible. Congratulations!

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