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Appeal for suspended account

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I know that this may be a confusion caused by usage of multiple accounts. I am aware that multiple accounts cannot be used in this hosting service but the other account is not mine it meant to be a business account for my relative just often managed by me. The payment of the both account was done by the same paypal account as well.
The account was inactive for a while therefore i was about to re-login to unarchive the accounts.
I have actually mentioned this issue in this forum when i was making the payment for the account.

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The account sankeith is not suspended. That said, there are several other accounts linked to this one that are suspended. You're technically not violating the TOS at the moment since only one of them is active.

If you're going to maintain a website for someone else, the best method is to add extra domains to your account to avoid this issue (you can also add a second Plesk user to your account if you want the other person to be able to log in). If your relative is going to maintain it, then they should be unarchiving it and logging into it, not you.

Is there a reason you created these separately? Also, we see at least 3 accounts, so what are the others if one of them is supposed to be a relative's site?

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I will be porting his website over to a different provider. The others contains nearly no files and haven't been used in a long time. Therefore they could be removed if they are the ones causing the issue.
I suspect the first two was probably quite a while back and when i needed another one in Tommy server i made it using a different email id i guess. Could you please send me the account names if possible?

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I'm showing hecatos, godlazy, and sankeith matched so far, though there are possibly others (it can take time for the system to rescan accounts after they are restored).

Sankeith is active, and the other two are suspended.

We can just merge the suspended accounts into sankeith if you want. That way you can just continue using the same domains and content under one account, and you can add additional Plesk users if you need them for others who may also manage your sites. The two suspended accounts appear to be nearly empty, so they should fit on your existing account just fine.

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